Australian Air Cadets Alumni Network. Welcome to the website for the Australian Air Cadets Alumni Network (Alumni).          This website was created after an overwhelmingly positive response was received from past cadets and staff to register their interest in forming an Alumni. The objectives of the Alumni are to:  • Facilitate contact among former cadets and staff  • Share information and news on current Australian Air Force Cadet (AAFC) Wing and Squadron events  • Provide former cadets and staff with a worthwhile opportunity to contribute to an organisation they value, and  • Help raise funds to assist extra AAFC cadet activities. Background.  In 2010 the AAFC National Council Inc, formed an Alumni Working Group to gauge the level of interest in forming an Alumni. There was a very strong response from past members of the air cadet community and the AAFC National Council Inc established an Alumni group as a first step. The hub of the Alumni Network is a website and database that support administration and operation of Alumni activities. The AAFC National Council Inc is the organisation that underpins the Alumni and controls the website.  A number of Alumni volunteers assist with  the operation of the Alumni including an Alumni Director, Network Co-ordinator, Website Administrator and Wing Liaison Officers who provide regional contacts with the respective AAFC Wings.
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AAFC National Council
The     Australian     Air     Force     Cadets National   Council   Inc.   ABN   14   558   765 293     (AAFC     National     Council     Inc.) maintains     close     links     with,     but     is independent    of,    the    AAFC    and    Air Force.  The   role   of   the AAFC   National   Council Inc.    is    to    promote    and    support    the interests    of    the    AAFC    both    within Defence    and    the    wider    community, and   to   stimulate   the   interest   of   cadets in   all   aspects   of   aviation   through   its military and civilian aviation contacts The   AAFC   National   Council   Inc.   is   a 'not-for-profit'         organisation         with Deductable Gift Recipient status.    The   AAFC   National   Council   Inc.   will control how funds are expended. You   can   find   out   more   about   the AAFC National Council Inc. here.
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